Love yourself more with Stylish Natural Makeup...

Typically when we think about living a healthier lifestyle, we think of ways to limit what we put in our bodies. Natural makeup is better for the planet and our animal friends as well. If you’re thinking of going green, here are 5 reasons to make the switch to a green makeup brand. There are thousands of ingredients used in makeup that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. it’s so important to choose a natural brand that proudly uses non-toxic ingredients.

As we get older our skin has a tendency to become more sensitive. natural makeup simply won’t irritate your skin. Plus the phytonutrients in natural makeup will help soothe existing irritation, making your skin look and feel more radiant. most natural beauty products contain food-grade and organic ingredients that actually rejuvenate skin and make it look younger and we love that.

In recent years, natural makeup has become all the rage. People are caring more about what they put on their faces and body. They’re studying labels, researching brands, and learning about potentially harmful substances found in traditional makeup. Consequently, people are turning toward natural makeup, like lipstick colored with fruit pigment.

Why Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup doesn’t contain preservatives designed to increase shelf life.

The bright colors of regular makeup depend on synthetic dyes and pigments.

Clean makeup uses natural sources instead.

A synthetic fragrance is a cocktail of chemicals, but brands don’t have to list them. These fragrances aren’t used in natural makeup.

Natural makeup should meet the safety limits for ingredients.