It's not about hairstyle, It's about you...

To us, hairstyling is like architecture. A woman’s hair needs the right support, proper securing, and skilled craftsmanship to translate it into a style that stuns one and all. The way your hair is done contributes greatly to your overall appearance on a special day.

Curly, wavy, or straight whatever your hair type may be, we have a number of tricks up our sleeves to style it right. To know more about our work and book our services now for your next big event!

Styles may come and go, but the obsession with maintaining and flaunting a gorgeous hairdo has remained constant since time immemorial. Right from Audrey Hepburn’s famous ‘Beehive’ in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Victoria Beckham’s ‘Pob’, some styles have attained ‘iconic’ status and its very mention brings a clear image of these in our mind. But did you ever notice that it is not only the hair that you visualize every time you think of these styles? You are immediately reminded of the person carrying it and how good they look. That is how important your hairstyle is for your overall appearance.

Every person has a different hair type. The color, texture, and thickness vary from one person to another. Broadly, there are 4 hair types depending on the structure of each strand – straight, wavy, curly, and coily. These are further subdivided into 3 types each. There are 2 more types that are added to this list depending on the girth of each strand of your hair. These are thick and thin. Often the thickness of the hair is confused with the volume. So overall, there are 14 types of hair.

The hairstyle doesn’t only depend on the type of hair you have. The structure of your face, the dress you are wearing to an event, and the type of event also determines how you should style your hair.

To us, a hairstyle can be broadly divided into 2 categories, traditional and western. While the western styles are more common for casual parties, everyday styling, and shows, the traditional ones predominate social events like engagements, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, etc.

Every single time, we take extra care to make you look drop-dead gorgeous for any event. We always consider your dream look and give it a spontaneous creative spin to enhance your beauty effortlessly.